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Our Process

At Rembrandt, we know your time is valuable. Our proven process ensures the highest quality repair with the smallest time investment possible.

A typical repair will involve two visits to the job site. During the first visit, the bulk of the repair work is completed including any fabrication, filling and sanding. In many cases, paint can also be applied on the first visit. A second brief visit is usually recommended to ensure the highest quality finish possible.

Our Clients

During the past 15 years, the staff at Rembrandt have had the good fortune to provide our services to many commercial and residential customers in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Some of our clients have included large plumbing supply companies, many of Calgary's new home builders, large condominium construction projects and of course, hundreds of residential home owners.

Our Staff

Rembrandt's professional staff have the knowledge and experience of over 25 years working with fiberglass repair and acrylic paints.

This depth of knowledge allows us to evaluate the best solution for your specific repair. Our repairs are done right, the first time.